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Advanced TV on Wall


Price: $300.00

Installation description

Advanced TV on wall installation. Unpack new TV. Unpack customer provided wall mount or purchased from PAV Installation and inspecting mount to meet installation specifications. Placement of TV on Wall (tech will pre-measure and discuss TV placement prior to permanent installation). Using customer provided cables or purchased from PAV Installations, connect the new TV to any new or existing video components including: DVD, BluRay, DVR, VCR, and Video Game Unit. Connect to existing Audio components ONLY. For new audio components, add the (Home Theater Install service). Conceal all component wires in the wall, within a single vertical stud bay cavity without fire breaks. Connection of TV power cord to existing power outlet at TV installation location, surface routing only. Customer must have an existing power outlet on the wall where the TV is going to be installed. Programming of one non-learning universal remote. Remove all trash and boxes from the area to onsite trash receptacle (garage, curbside, dumpster) and ensure the area is left in a neat/clean condition. An educational demonstration of the basic TV functions, up to 15 minutes.

Short Description

Install any size TV with customer provided wall mount or purchased from PAV Installations. Cables ran inside the wall in a single stud bay cavity and connection to existing power outlet. Smart hub setup, cable box remote programmed, and customer demo.